LunatiCK 2016

Posted by on 9/7/2016
Our most PLEASANT DREAM collaboration. All of us at LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs are honored to collaborate & celebrate with one of the “greatest of the great” horror icons going back 35 years! In commemorating these awe-inspiring 35 years, we introduce Mistress Of The Dark, Elvira’s very own specialty makeup palette! We are honored at LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs to introduce with the one and only Elvira, our gorgeous, custom, limited edition, (coffin shaped, of course) make up palette honoring the many roles our inspiring, late night horror hostess/actress, Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) has brought into all of our lives. (You have no idea how hard this was to keep under wraps for so long)! We are so happy it is finally here!
On top of working on Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark’s 35th Anniversary specialty palette, we have so many new and exciting products in the works! Including, but not limited to, some requested products and some new magic for 2017.  Stay tuned for updates and sign up for our newsletter for the freshest updates!
What a year it has been so far!
We have been able to meet with all of you beauties live at IMATS LA & NY. We were able to meet and see all your smiling faces at Phame Expo LA, as well as continuing to support our horror conventions at Days Of The Dead, Flash Back Weekend, Scarefestcon and Maskfest. We are so thankful and grateful to all of our old and new customers who support us! We continuously work our butts off to create top of the line quality products and packaging for all.
This year has been a wild ride!
We are so happy to see the growth within LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs. What means the most to us is the reception that our customers have shown us. We are ecstatic to hear within the industry that we are not alone in our mission! That we are all beautiful! That everyone has their own unique style to show the world and not to be scared of it!  That are no rules to makeup and we should be able to “dare to be different!”  Your “weird” is what makes you unique and THAT is what will make you valuable to the world. Not just in beauty, but in life! It is about uplifting one another instead of tearing each other down in this often times “ugly” industry and world. We believe strongly in sharing, styling, showcasing and inspiring one another and THAT is what makes us happy at the end of the see and know that we share the same common mission within the industry and that our loyal customers do too! We love you so much!
On top of this exciting year...
We have been featured in BUST magazine this spring AND fall, a 4 page spread in Beauty Business Magazine in the month of July, as well as two other features in Beauty Biz for both May & June. We have received recognition for the hard work for our registered trademarks in packaging, including our bullet cartridge lipsticks and coffin shaped palettes designs from The Examiner, receiving best in beauty packaging. We couldn’t have dreamed in a million years we would be accepted by as many beautiful people as we have been. We are so thankful!  We are forever appreciative and humbled by your lunatick love! We will do our best to keep the lunacy coming.
All our love!
LunatiCK Team