Posted by on 4/10/2019

The time has come again, ghouls! It’s our annual 2018 round up. Here are a few of the great things that happened at LunatiCK HQ this past year, all thanks to you!

New digs!
We were able to expand to a 2,600+ sq ft LunatiCK compound, where we have a in house photography studio, marketing team, art director, videographer, and social media coordinator. This space also includes our fulfillment center, which runs like a LunatiCK assembly line. If you have been following us since our beginning in 2012, then you know our story (struggle). In short, we started from a basement (hand made, before it was normalized) and worked our LunatiCK butts off to be where we are today. Reinvesting in our brand for years, this was one big expansion for the LunatiCK family that needed to happen. The old quarters were getting awfully tight! Though scary to reinvest your years back into your business, we are happy that we do what we love so the reward is not only financial, but feels good in our soul, which is the most important part to us. The reason why we are able to keep up in this extremely competitive industry is because our customers still believe in us, and that is something that we will never take for granted. We are indebted to our loyal following from the first follower to our almost 300K we have now. 

New release!

We were able to introduce to the world the first Vampira®eyeshadow coffin palette®to the world. To be honest, we thought that Vampira was untouchable, but by the grace (or grave) of the universe, we were able to connect and make an exclusive, licensed, coffin palette in her honor. We do not do many license deals because we are not in the business of pumping out new products in the name of 6 second trends. It typically takes all the substance & heart out of these projects. When we develop a product from the formula to the packing, it is a piece of art.  When we commit to a new project, we make sure it means something to us, and Vampira is, and has always been, a passion for us. We took this opportunity to work with Vampira’s legacy and it was one for the LunatiCK books! We are eternally grateful for this opportunity. #vampiraforever

Meet & greet!

We LOVE meeting customers in person! It is how we have developed our relationships with our customer base for years, traveling across the US to attend makeup shows, horror conventions, and more This year we were able to do something new and attend The Makeup Show Chicago. As expected, it was a wonderful experience. To be able to connect and receive feedback from other likeminded professionals is priceless. We learned from speaking with our old and new customers by discovering what type of products they would like to see from us in the future, as well as what they are sick of seeing in the industry. We are taking all of that knowledge and applying it in 2019. We are stoked! 


As for 2019, what you can expect from us at the LunatiCK camp is another new LunatiCK launch and expansion of our current best-selling Lip Dies®, among a very exciting seven-year anniversary! None of this would be possible without our amazing customers. All of you boils and ghouls truly make our LunatiCK hearts swell and we are honored to provide you with consistent, high-quality cosmetics for the past seven years. With many years ahead of us, we hope that you will continue to stick by us. Whether you are a long-time or brand-new customer, know this: We love you. We are so grateful for you.


Here’s to 2019!

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