The Industry

Posted by on 4/15/2018
LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs was founded by working licensed professionals. We started small, with big dreams, reinvesting every penny we made for years.  Since 2012, with the inception of our company, our mission has not changed. We launched our #reloadingyourideaofbeauty campaign a few years ago. The idea behind it was simple. Fulfilling the mission, however, has been a challenge. We want to take a moment to relaunch this campaign to remind old & new LunatiCKs who we are. We strongly believe that there are no rules to makeup and everyone has their own unique style to showcase to the world. The time to share, showcase, style, and inspire one another is now! No beauty is too extreme, new or classic, and LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs supports you! 
The industry has been in need of an overhaul for a long time. What goes on behind the scenes is, frankly, that of nightmares—facades buried behind beautiful makeup to impress the popularity contest that is trending for the moment, people desperately trying to stay relevant to keep their “status” by any means necessary. I feel compelled to say that it is 100% within everyone’s capabilities (MUA, CEOs, business professionals, makeup enthusiasts, etc.) to rise to the top without tearing others down. Young people starting out need to know that we can all be the change now.
Surviving in this industry behind the scenes is like playing chess blindfolded. You need to memorize the next 30 moves while knowing your opponent’s objectives. Now try doing this ethically. You don't win. I have tried for years to play the game. The simple fact is that this is a billion-dollar industry, owned by a few cutthroat business men and women. I have reached a point in my career where I don't want anything I used to. Our dreams have changed drastically, but our ideals have not. We are very happy staying in our own LunatiCK lane.
What’s the point of this rant? Appreciation. We are thankful for the loyal LunatiCKs that share the same ideals within the industry and have been very active and open in trying to change it from the inside out.  We see you, we appreciate you, and most importantly, we thank you.