Posted by Administrator on 4/23/2015


Hey LunatiCKs!

We are so happy to announce that we are making the huge change from hand crafted to professionally manufactured! All of our products are undergoing a massive update and some products will not be available for a couple of months. We would never have been able to make this huge transition in our company without your support. We love you so much, and can not wait to show you all the revamped old products, new projects, and updates within the website we have underway.

Please be patient with us as we are working with our manufacturer as hard and as fast as humanly possible, to make sure that our products are top of the line in quality. We appreciate your patience throughout this process. It is a dream come true, and we thank you for pushing us to make the necessary changes within our company for larger opportunities.

 All pressed powders including contour and eyeshadow palettes will be re-released within the next couple of months. The first palette to be re-released will be Hocus Pocus, followed very shortly by Supernatural.


LunatiCK Team