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The time has come again, ghouls! It’s our annual 2018 round up. Here are a few of the great things that happened at LunatiCK HQ this past year, all thanks to you!

New digs!
We were able to expand to a 2,600+ sq ft LunatiCK compound, where we have a in house photography studio, marketing team, art director, videographer, and social media coordinator. This space also includes our fulfillment center, which runs like a LunatiCK assembly line. If you have been following us since our beginning in 2012, then you know our story (struggle). In short, we started from a basement (hand made, before it was normalized) and worked our LunatiCK butts off to be where we are today. Reinvesting in our brand for years, this was one big expansion for the LunatiCK family that needed to happen. The old quarters were getting awfully tight! Though scary to reinvest your years back into your business, we are happy that we do what we love so the reward is not only financial, but feels good in our soul, which is the most important part to us. The reason why we are able to keep up in this extremely competitive industry is because our customers still believe in us, and that is something that we will never take for granted. We are indebted to our loyal following from the first follower to our almost 300K we have now. 

New release!

We were able to introduce to the world the first Vampira®eyeshadow coffin palette®to the world. To be honest, we thought that Vampira was untouchable, but by the grace (or grave) of the universe, we were able to connect and make an exclusive, licensed, coffin palette in her honor. We do not do many license deals because we are not in the business of pumping out new products in the name of 6 second trends. It typically takes all the substance & heart out of these projects. When we develop a product from the formula to the packing, it is a piece of art.  When we commit to a new project, we make sure it means something to us, and Vampira is, and has always been, a passion for us. We took this opportunity to work with Vampira’s legacy and it was one for the LunatiCK books! We are eternally grateful for this opportunity. #vampiraforever

Meet & greet!

We LOVE meeting customers in person! It is how we have developed our relationships with our customer base for years, traveling across the US to attend makeup shows, horror conventions, and more This year we were able to do something new and attend The Makeup Show Chicago. As expected, it was a wonderful experience. To be able to connect and receive feedback from other likeminded professionals is priceless. We learned from speaking with our old and new customers by discovering what type of products they would like to see from us in the future, as well as what they are sick of seeing in the industry. We are taking all of that knowledge and applying it in 2019. We are stoked! 


As for 2019, what you can expect from us at the LunatiCK camp is another new LunatiCK launch and expansion of our current best-selling Lip Dies®, among a very exciting seven-year anniversary! None of this would be possible without our amazing customers. All of you boils and ghouls truly make our LunatiCK hearts swell and we are honored to provide you with consistent, high-quality cosmetics for the past seven years. With many years ahead of us, we hope that you will continue to stick by us. Whether you are a long-time or brand-new customer, know this: We love you. We are so grateful for you.


Here’s to 2019!

LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs

The Industry

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LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs was founded by working licensed professionals. We started small, with big dreams, reinvesting every penny we made for years.  Since 2012, with the inception of our company, our mission has not changed. We launched our #reloadingyourideaofbeauty campaign a few years ago. The idea behind it was simple. Fulfilling the mission, however, has been a challenge. We want to take a moment to relaunch this campaign to remind old & new LunatiCKs who we are. We strongly believe that there are no rules to makeup and everyone has their own unique style to showcase to the world. The time to share, showcase, style, and inspire one another is now! No beauty is too extreme, new or classic, and LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs supports you! 
The industry has been in need of an overhaul for a long time. What goes on behind the scenes is, frankly, that of nightmares—facades buried behind beautiful makeup to impress the popularity contest that is trending for the moment, people desperately trying to stay relevant to keep their “status” by any means necessary. I feel compelled to say that it is 100% within everyone’s capabilities (MUA, CEOs, business professionals, makeup enthusiasts, etc.) to rise to the top without tearing others down. Young people starting out need to know that we can all be the change now.
Surviving in this industry behind the scenes is like playing chess blindfolded. You need to memorize the next 30 moves while knowing your opponent’s objectives. Now try doing this ethically. You don't win. I have tried for years to play the game. The simple fact is that this is a billion-dollar industry, owned by a few cutthroat business men and women. I have reached a point in my career where I don't want anything I used to. Our dreams have changed drastically, but our ideals have not. We are very happy staying in our own LunatiCK lane.
What’s the point of this rant? Appreciation. We are thankful for the loyal LunatiCKs that share the same ideals within the industry and have been very active and open in trying to change it from the inside out.  We see you, we appreciate you, and most importantly, we thank you.

Contour Vol 2

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Pro Contour Book Palette Volume 2  

We brought you the 1st complete Contour guide formulated for all skin tones & types. We celebrate with you how extremely well received our contour book palette has been.  Truly an original for contouring and eye shadow application, as well!

We built this palette with professionals in mind. Presently, our contour palette has colors ranging from light to dark, in cool, nude and rose hues. We listened to your feedback and took it one step deeper. It is with great pleasure we introduce the final volume to our LUNATICK Book Palette saga.

We went deeper in hues, keeping the same color range in mind only deeper cool tones, darker nude hues, and richer roses.

Use a light hand and soft touch for the cool contour to chisel out a true, deep shadow contour cast.  Bring yourself back to life using the nude shades and add a pop of color with the rose toned blushes for a flawless, natural, bad to the bone, chiseled, and finely tuned contour!

All of our contour book palettes double as eyeshadows.  There are zero restrictions with this palette.

The formula of our contour palette was specifically built different than our eyeshadow palettes. It is formulated with ultra-fine silica powder to cast zero flash for professional work.  They were formulated to work together and build up nicely for custom blends to suit your own personal needs and/or your clients’ needs.

We are happy to announce that we do plan on launching single re-fills to our new PRO CONTOUR BOOK, VOLUME 2 as we did with Volume 1.  We estimate single refills to be launching late this year.

Thank you all for your continued support!  We will continue to listen to all your feedback and stay tuned as we have much more planned for this year. We couldn't have done any of this if it wasn't for our loyal customers! We are so thankful for you all and we will keep the lunacy coming!

LunatiCK Team

LunatiCK 2016

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Our most PLEASANT DREAM collaboration. All of us at LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs are honored to collaborate & celebrate with one of the “greatest of the great” horror icons going back 35 years! In commemorating these awe-inspiring 35 years, we introduce Mistress Of The Dark, Elvira’s very own specialty makeup palette! We are honored at LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs to introduce with the one and only Elvira, our gorgeous, custom, limited edition, (coffin shaped, of course) make up palette honoring the many roles our inspiring, late night horror hostess/actress, Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) has brought into all of our lives. (You have no idea how hard this was to keep under wraps for so long)! We are so happy it is finally here!
On top of working on Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark’s 35th Anniversary specialty palette, we have so many new and exciting products in the works! Including, but not limited to, some requested products and some new magic for 2017.  Stay tuned for updates and sign up for our newsletter for the freshest updates!
What a year it has been so far!
We have been able to meet with all of you beauties live at IMATS LA & NY. We were able to meet and see all your smiling faces at Phame Expo LA, as well as continuing to support our horror conventions at Days Of The Dead, Flash Back Weekend, Scarefestcon and Maskfest. We are so thankful and grateful to all of our old and new customers who support us! We continuously work our butts off to create top of the line quality products and packaging for all.
This year has been a wild ride!
We are so happy to see the growth within LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs. What means the most to us is the reception that our customers have shown us. We are ecstatic to hear within the industry that we are not alone in our mission! That we are all beautiful! That everyone has their own unique style to show the world and not to be scared of it!  That are no rules to makeup and we should be able to “dare to be different!”  Your “weird” is what makes you unique and THAT is what will make you valuable to the world. Not just in beauty, but in life! It is about uplifting one another instead of tearing each other down in this often times “ugly” industry and world. We believe strongly in sharing, styling, showcasing and inspiring one another and THAT is what makes us happy at the end of the day...to see and know that we share the same common mission within the industry and that our loyal customers do too! We love you so much!
On top of this exciting year...
We have been featured in BUST magazine this spring AND fall, a 4 page spread in Beauty Business Magazine in the month of July, as well as two other features in Beauty Biz for both May & June. We have received recognition for the hard work for our registered trademarks in packaging, including our bullet cartridge lipsticks and coffin shaped palettes designs from The Examiner, receiving best in beauty packaging. We couldn’t have dreamed in a million years we would be accepted by as many beautiful people as we have been. We are so thankful!  We are forever appreciative and humbled by your lunatick love! We will do our best to keep the lunacy coming.
All our love!
LunatiCK Team

Contour Palette

Posted by LunatiCK on 11/12/2015
Contour Tips, tricks, & general info about the making and usage of our new contour palette. We developed this contour palette as makeup artists for makeup artists & beauty enthusiasts! It’s been what’s missing in our kits for years! YOU KNOW ITS TRUE! Thoughtfully developed shades made for, but not limited to, contouring!  This revolutionary palette will change your daily makeup routine forever....in a good way!

Our pressed powder shades range from light to dark in cool, rose and nude hues. Formulated for all skin tones & types! Our pressed contour shades are formulated different than our eyeshadows and with the capability to be buildable for custom color blends suited for your clients. This multipurpose palette doubles as a great eyeshadow, too!

Each color was developed with a purpose but is not meant to be used for just one type of application. We took the essential basics colors for all ranges of skin tones so you have the capability to mix & match! Find your perfect combo for everyday wear. Change up your style using a different mix for bolder, chiseled features, or softer classic beauty.

What the heck do I do with the grey shades? That is the number 1 question we get in our inbox lately. Here is why we came up with the cool contour and why it's vital in everybody's makeup kit! Watch, months from now the big-name brands will have this stocked as a must have and here's why!


What is the purpose of contouring? To shade, hide, highlight, minimize and enhance your features. When have you seen an orange shadow? Shadows come from where the light is obstructed to create darkness or depth in contour. We created the cool contour just for this purpose. Colors ranging from pure white to dark grey. Shades moving from light to dark to compliment all skin tones & types. This palette has no restrictions but the easiest way to best describe this palette is use the cool contour as a base for your contour. You can bring yourself back to life using the Nude & Rose contour.

Our contour palette contains 12 shades in xl pans that contain a whopper of 48g of product total. That averages roughly to about 6 bucks per shade. When you compare our prices to product its actually valued much lower than it should be.

This palette can be intimidating and we feel you! It’s not the typical industry standard and we know this. We are so confident you will love working with this revolutionary palette. If you are dissatisfied in any way, we offer full refunds. Try us out! Check out the latest reviews on our contour palette by visiting the Tutorials section on our website.

LunatiCK Team


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Hey LunatiCKs!

We are so happy to announce that we are making the huge change from hand crafted to professionally manufactured! All of our products are undergoing a massive update and some products will not be available for a couple of months. We would never have been able to make this huge transition in our company without your support. We love you so much, and can not wait to show you all the revamped old products, new projects, and updates within the website we have underway.

Please be patient with us as we are working with our manufacturer as hard and as fast as humanly possible, to make sure that our products are top of the line in quality. We appreciate your patience throughout this process. It is a dream come true, and we thank you for pushing us to make the necessary changes within our company for larger opportunities.

 All pressed powders including contour and eyeshadow palettes will be re-released within the next couple of months. The first palette to be re-released will be Hocus Pocus, followed very shortly by Supernatural.


LunatiCK Team