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Cosmetic Coffin Shape Design ® By LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs, LLC. Reg. No. 4,879,778

Great pigmented eyeshadow

By:  from Russia. on 8/5/2019
All the colors compliment each other perfectly and blend so well! Very pretty colors. They are versatile, have good pigmentation, and blend really easily. The quality is perfect. Overall, I'm extremely satisfied, and I use this palette everyday. It has such great hues that work for my casual everyday look, but could also be taken to extreme for night time looks if that's your thing! Also, the packaging is phenomenal and the size makes it also perfect for travel. I think this is great for a beginner or an experienced person in makeup.
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Such a great palette

By:  from United States. on 9/10/2019
This palette is so perfect. The colors blend super easily and each color goes well with each other, no matter what combo you put them in. Invocation makes a great inner corner color, though it's not "blinding" it's low key the prettiest shade in this palette. It can also make a great transition shade or to tone down some of the darker colors if you go too harsh. Myth, clearly either a base shade or eyebrow highlight is overall a great shade; works well with Invocation to make a smoky spoopy eye look good. I am an medium skin tone with olive undertones and this shade is a little too light for me if used on it's on, but works great for blending with the others. Spook is hands down the cake of this palette. Every palette needs a good dark but not harsh crimson color. Reincarnation is the perfect base or crease color, though works well on it's own. Spook over this color is honestly my favorite combo. Then finally, Ghoulight. The photos make it look brownish and it might be but it has a gray undertone
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By:  from Lakeview, TX. on 5/6/2019
This palette wins as my everyday go to palette. I use at LEAST one shade per day.
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Love this palette

By: (Verified Buyer)  from Alaska. on 8/21/2019
? This has been my favorite palette since I got it. The colors are exactly what I was looking for, and very pigmented. I've also found this palette great for highlight/contouring! The packaging is super cute, and matches my aesthetic perfectly. I'm looking forward to buying more of these coffin palettes in the future! ?
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Chill spooky vibes daily~

By: (Verified Buyer)  from Milwaukee. on 12/10/2019
I love this pallet so much. It's been my go-to for so long now, definitely my comfort pallet. :) It rocks for day and night. I genuinely can't recommend these products enough, the packaging is fantastic as well as the quality of the makeup.
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