Contour Vol 2

Posted by on 5/1/2017


Pro Contour Book Palette Volume 2  

We brought you the 1st complete Contour guide formulated for all skin tones & types. We celebrate with you how extremely well received our contour book palette has been.  Truly an original for contouring and eye shadow application, as well!

We built this palette with professionals in mind. Presently, our contour palette has colors ranging from light to dark, in cool, nude and rose hues. We listened to your feedback and took it one step deeper. It is with great pleasure we introduce the final volume to our LUNATICK Book Palette saga.

We went deeper in hues, keeping the same color range in mind only deeper cool tones, darker nude hues, and richer roses.

Use a light hand and soft touch for the cool contour to chisel out a true, deep shadow contour cast.  Bring yourself back to life using the nude shades and add a pop of color with the rose toned blushes for a flawless, natural, bad to the bone, chiseled, and finely tuned contour!

All of our contour book palettes double as eyeshadows.  There are zero restrictions with this palette.

The formula of our contour palette was specifically built different than our eyeshadow palettes. It is formulated with ultra-fine silica powder to cast zero flash for professional work.  They were formulated to work together and build up nicely for custom blends to suit your own personal needs and/or your clients’ needs.

We are happy to announce that we do plan on launching single re-fills to our new PRO CONTOUR BOOK, VOLUME 2 as we did with Volume 1.  We estimate single refills to be launching late this year.

Thank you all for your continued support!  We will continue to listen to all your feedback and stay tuned as we have much more planned for this year. We couldn't have done any of this if it wasn't for our loyal customers! We are so thankful for you all and we will keep the lunacy coming!

LunatiCK Team